Original Pilot "The Bronte Girls"

Sundance Episodic Lab- Current Second Rounder

2019 Screencraft Fellowship- Current Finalist

Top 20 on 2019 Cover Fly Red List

2018 ScreenCraft Public Domain Screenplay Competition Semifinalist 




Full-length play "The Bronte Girls: Part 3, Gods and Correspondence"

Top 25 finalist in Screencraft's 2018-2019 Stage Play Competition 

Full-length play "The Bronte Girls: Part 2, Monsters and Etiquette" 

 Top 25 finalist in Screencraft's 2018-2019 Stage Play Competition 

Full-length play "The Bronte Girls: Part 1, Ghosts and Attraction"

Second-rounder for the 2018 Juilliard Playwriting Fellowship 

Quarterfinalist in Screencraft's 2018-2019 Stage Play Competition

One-act play "Last Night at The Carmine"

Published as one of the Top 20 plays of the 2015 New York International Fringe Festival 



Excerpts From the World Premier of "Last Night at The Carmine" in The 2015 International New York Fringe Festival 


NEW YORK THEATRE NOW by Nita Congress · August 21, 2015


Playwright and director Caroline Kelly Franklin has created an empathetic panegyric to the “Third Space” that fuels and facilitates our interactions. She underscores the universalism at the play’s core…profound and beautiful concepts


Sad and bittersweet, Last Night at the Carmine drives home the importance of community and of trying to bridge the untranslatable through human connection: a message that in these troubled times cannot be reiterated sufficiently.


Last Night at the Carmine raises a glass or two in celebration of the remarkable proficiency of New Yorkers to forge community within


A dozen characters…strut and fret, soothe and flirt, sob and flinch as the evening progresses and the end nears.



Charming vignettes… quirky cast of characters… Franklin succeeds at endowing the building with breath and a heartbeat… Franklin has a gift for sharp & witty dialogue… absurd and comical



HI!DRAMA, Kristin Hardwick


Entertaining with surprising twist…characters portrayed with style and vigor without upstaging each other… innovative blocking keeps audience engaged


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