Caroline Kelly Franklin is a bicoastal writer for stage and screen. Her original pilot, THE BRONTE GIRLS, is a current semi-finalist for 2019 The Breakk, a current quarterfinalist for the 2019 Page awards, a second-rounder in 2019 Sundance Episodic Lab, and a top finalist in 2019 Screencraft Fellowship. The pilot evolved from THE BRONTE GIRLS PLAY TRILOGY, also authored by Franklin. Part I of the Trilogy, GHOSTS & ATTRACTION, was a second-rounder for the Juilliard Playwriting Fellowship. Both Part II MONSTERS & ETIQUETTE and Part III GODS & CORRESPONDENCE individually made the top-25-finalists list for the 2019 Screencraft Playwriting Competition. A staged reading of the trilogy is being produced by NYC’s “The Bechdel Project” set to premiere in late November. In 2018 Franklin created, produced and starred in the comedic web series, WINE IN PAPER CUPS, which also starred stand-up comedian and founder of the NBC Diversity Short Film Festival, Wil Sylvince. Her play LAST NIGHT AT THE CARMINE premiered to critical acclaim at The New York International Fringe Festival and received publication in Indie Theater Now’s “The 20 Best Plays of Fringe 2015.” Franklin is a Kentucky native and proud SCAPA (School for Creative and Performing Arts) alumnus. She graduated magna cum laude from Troy University with a BA in theatre and minor in sociology. When she's not writing there's a good chance she's lost in the woods of Inwood Hill Park, talking to a stranger about comic books, or trying to decide if she wants ice in her bourbon.